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It is truly amazing what we have accomplished to date; our crew has successfully built Washington State’s first commercial salmon trap in over 80 years. Furthermore, it’s fishing like a dream, paving the way for sustainable fisheries into the future.

In just over a week, we have captured and released nearly 2,000 salmonids in a lively and vigorous state and tagged over 1,000 Chinook and steelhead. Fish tagged by our crews are passing Bonneville Dam and various other dams upstream, putting us on track to achieve our research objectives.

Of course, none of this could be possible without grant funding, and we are proud to officially announce that Wild Fish Conservancy is the recipient of NOAA’s prestigious Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program award! With hundreds of applicants in competition, we are so proud that WFC is one of the fourteen chosen recipients and the only non-governmental group to receive such an award.

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Well done, crew!

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  1. Absolutely tremendous!! And how well deserved not only for the hard work driven by your commitment, but for the stunning results to date. This is proving what can be done as a means to harvest those stocks sufficiently abundant to do so, and to allow those that are not the necessary safe passage to result in progress toward their recovery. As so often, what is old can have important new uses. So very glad that NOAA has had the good sense to honor what works, and to recognize there are solutions that can provide harvest with little or no impact to depleted stocks.

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